Read for Pleasure

Busy week, delivering my first course. Read for Pleasure the How as well as the why - that was the tag line.  Helen, a literacy consultant, brought together the latest research studies into reading for pleasure.  Giving an overview of how important it is and showing indications as to why this will be the next... Continue Reading →


The Shark in the Dark – Peter Bently

Our local School Library Service introduced us to this picture book as part of their 'Dive into Books' reading challenge. The children love it and were soon joining in.  The rhyme makes it perfect for reading aloud. The beautiful illustrations are very atmospheric and I can just imagine some creative work based on these illustrations. ... Continue Reading →

New Librarians Display

It's that time of year again! Time to give out application forms for those in year 5 who would like to be junior librarians next academic year. New librarians means new display. I backed the display board with a 'bookcase' wallpaper, added a black border and black photo frames (without the glass), finishing it off with... Continue Reading →

Rights of the Reader

Having read this book approximately 3 years ago, and finding it full of useful ways to coax reluctant readers back, I displayed the poster of 'the rights of the reader' in the school library. I have had a number of conversations with members of my book groups, junior librarians and regular library users regarding the ten different 'rights',... Continue Reading →


This shelfie is of 10 of my favourite children's books.  There are lots more I could have put on the shelf but as I'm going to have a competition of staff shelfie's I didn't want to give too many clues away; especially as all the children know 'Wonder' is one of my favourites! Some of... Continue Reading →

Treasured Read Aloud!

The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks. I came across this book when my daughter was only 8 or 9 (she's now 24); we read it together as a bed time story.  We both loved it and she went on to read it again herself.  A couple of years ago I picked it up... Continue Reading →

Author/Illustrator Visits

I've just read an article in the Telegraph which has quite annoyed me! 'Boom time for children’s books as sales soar, but where are readers?' is the title of the article ( Here a publishing house is complaining about cuts in schools and libraries putting books out of reach for children. The complaint that it... Continue Reading →

Reading for Pleasure!

I have seen reading bring so much pleasure to children and to feel that any child may be deprived of that pleasure is what drives me to search out the hook that will draw them in. Books can immerse children in another world, helping to develop self esteem and confidence, help them become problem solvers... Continue Reading →

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