Raid your Reading!

As a school we have been applying the Talk for Writing scheme during Literacy lessons.  It is working really well in all the classes and it's great to see the children telling stories using the actions they have learned. I love the fact the children have the opportunity to learn so many stories throughout the... Continue Reading →


New book awards, LOL!

Very busy lately - presenting a reading for pleasure course, World Book Day celebrations, chatterbooks group coming to an end, etc, etc. Anyway looking forward to this new book award, The Lollies!  It replaces the Roald Dahl funny book prize which ended in 2013.  There are 12 books to vote for 4 picture books, 4... Continue Reading →

Great Sequel!

Couldn't wait to read this as I enjoyed the first book so much! Mr Lemoncello's Library Olympics, the sequel to Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library, is a real page turner.  There are lots of twists and turns in the plot which are all brought together at the end in a super finale. The characters from... Continue Reading →


Cumbria Library Service annual Primary School book awards, Spellbinding is about to begin. The 10 books on this year's short list have just been delivered to our school, along with the children's reading passports and book cover stickers to collect.  There are books to suit boys and girls with most genres being covered. As I normally... Continue Reading →

New Term, New Competition!

Thought I'd have a focus on non-fiction books but the competition has to be accessible to both infant and junior children.  So I've decided on a 'Where in the World' competition. The children collect a world map from the library which has the continents labelled.  They have to find an interesting or unusual fact about... Continue Reading →

Library Lunches

Timetable now complete for the first half term's Library Lunches. These lunches happen on a Friday lunchtime from 12.20 until 1pm.  The children are given a personal invitation to attend.  They are chosen randomly for the first term, unless the teacher has requested they attend, otherwise I would use the library management system to look... Continue Reading →

Oxford Companion to Children’s Literature

The original companion was published in 1983, it has now been revised and updated by Daniel Hahn. This easy A-Z is a great place to start if you want to find out anything about children's literature.  It's 3,500 entries cover every genre and includes information on some well known characters, as well as over 900 new entries... Continue Reading →

New addition for the library!

When they first arrived, they came quietly and stealthily as if they tip-toed into the world when we were all looking the other way. Sounded intriguing! Ade lives with his mum in a high rise tower in London. One day something strange begins to happen, one tower falls, then another and another.  In the meantime... Continue Reading →

Book Record Breakers

Only a few weeks left now of the Summer Reading Challenge 2015, taking place in public libraries. Speaking from experience this scheme was a god-send to me when my daughter was young.  It enabled us to visit the library each week of the summer holidays not only to exchange books but also to take part... Continue Reading →

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