Treehouse Crazy!!

The 13 Storey Tree House was a welcome addition to our library last year.  It has received a new lease of life due to being one of the ten books on the Cumbria Book Awards, Spellbinding list.

I recently purchased the next two books in the series which have also proved very popular.  The children are chasing each other to the library in order to be the next borrowers; boys and girls alike. Even the children themselves have noticed the series as a new craze!

Both new books continue the adventures in the most exciting tree house you are ever likely to come across.  An extremely imaginative, well illustrated book which will attract fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates.  With a new release due at the beginning of April – the 52 Storey Tree House; the children are already starting a reservation list!


Great Sequel!


Couldn’t wait to read this as I enjoyed the first book so much!

Mr Lemoncello’s Library Olympics, the sequel to Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library, is a real page turner.  There are lots of twists and turns in the plot which are all brought together at the end in a super finale.

The characters from the first book return as heroes from winning the first ‘Library Game’ but are threatened by children from other states in America who insist they could have won. A national competition ensues to find the finalists for the Library Olympics!

The finalists are brought together to battle it out in Mr Lemoncello’s amazing library, with many new games and puzzles to work out.  It’s not clear cut who the winners will be but it’s clear that team work and a love of books is the most important factor.

A fabulous addition to our school library, can’t wait to tell the children we have a sequel!


Latest Competition – Win a Stack of Books!


Our latest library competition is causing quite a stir.  The winning prize is a stack of 10 new books, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction.  To win all the children have to do is complete the story our author, Piers Torday, began when he was 13.  I’ve some very amusing entries so far and I can’t wait to read more.

This has been a great way to extend the enthusiasm shared by our recent author visit. The closing date is next Friday, so still time for more entries!

Piers Torday Visit

The excitement about meeting a real author has been building slowly over the past week or so, leading up to the author visit.

The children weren’t disappointed. Piers Torday was brilliant!!

He began with a really accessible assembly, for all juniors, to explain how he came to writing, including inspiration from Roald Dahl.  But the main point that came across, which was great for our children, was it’s their story and it doesn’t matter what other people think is right or wrong they need to write for firstly for themselves.  All the children were engaged and fed back to teachers with enthusiasm.

After the assembly the children from year 5 followed by year 6 took part in a writing workshop.  This was inspiring! After an introduction about animal characters in books, the children were all involved in coming up with an animal character and one word, any word, to describe that character.  They were then asked to think of a place again with one word to describe it.  Finally they were asked to write one line of dialogue which revealed something about the character.  Piers collected each group of children’s ideas, writing them on a flip chart.  When he had collected all ideas he then began to tell a story using every single character, description, setting and dialogue.  The children (and teaching staff) were amazed, it was very impressive!

After the second writing workshop in the afternoon, Piers, very kindly, not just signed the books but personalised them for each child, depending on which genre they enjoyed the most; the children were thrilled by this, with cartoon drawings of dragons, princesses even a super baby!

It was a super visit, which has brought a real buzz about books, well worth it and highly recommended!

Author Visit!

wild 1

Only 1 week to go now until our author visit.

The excitement is building throughout the juniors, with children coming to the library to tell me facts they have found out about the author.  As I mentioned on my previous blog ‘The Borrowers’, our year 6 book group, are doing a great job promoting the book to other children; they are now well on the way with the second book in the series.

The children in the junior classes will be involved in an assembly held by the author followed by 2 writing workshops, which has caused quite a ‘buzz’; the children are eager to write with a writer!

This is as fantastic opportunity for our children and I am sure it will be a great success, the count down has begun!

Latest release from David Walliams


This new release has been greatly anticipated in our school library.  David Walliams’ books are extremely popular with the junior children.

Grandpa’s Great Escape is the story of the unique and loving relationship a boy has with his Grandpa; something so many children can relate to.  The humour throughout the adventure makes you laugh out loud.

Jack is the main character and is involved in the colditz style break out of grandpa from the old people’s home followed by escape in a spitfire.

There was more than one request for a copy of this book for our library, both in the suggestion box and verbally.  Now I think I will have to hold a ‘read me’ raffle to see who gets to read it first!

New Term, New Displays


New portable display for the school library – author of the month.  Not surprisingly Roald Dahl will be the author focus for September.

Display shows lots of his books and some facts about his life before and after he began writing.

The first library competition for the term will be based on Roald Dahl book, The Twits which is celebrating 35 years this year.  The competition is to make a Mr Twit beard.  The children can collect a beard outline from the library, decorate as they wish then return it to the library where it will be displayed before the winners are chosen.

The winners, one infant and one junior, will win a new copy of The Twits book, along with scratch and sniff stickers, a Twits bookmark, pencil and badge as well as some sweet treats.