Raid your Reading!

As a school we have been applying the Talk for Writing scheme during Literacy lessons.  It is working really well in all the classes and it's great to see the children telling stories using the actions they have learned. I love the fact the children have the opportunity to learn so many stories throughout the... Continue Reading →


Introducing Sci-fi

UFO Lands in the playground! This incident provided the 'hook' into our writing for the next few weeks. The children were amazed to find an unidentified flying object in the playground when they arrived at school. The object was a piece of volcanic rock surrounded by BBQ coals mixed with green jelly slush.  There was a... Continue Reading →

New Term, New Competition!

Thought I'd have a focus on non-fiction books but the competition has to be accessible to both infant and junior children.  So I've decided on a 'Where in the World' competition. The children collect a world map from the library which has the continents labelled.  They have to find an interesting or unusual fact about... Continue Reading →

Monster Picture Book!

There's a Monster in my Fridge by Caryl Hart was amongst a few new books I bought for our school library.  Initially I was attracted to the cover of the book. it's bright and vibrant and the monsters don't look too scary. I took this book along with 2 others into the year 2 class (6-7... Continue Reading →

Super Halloween Read

I bought this book for our school library two years ago, when it was published.  (It won the Red House Children's Book Awards in 2013)  It is a book I only display in the library during the run up to Halloween; using it for story time in the library. The children love it!  Every page... Continue Reading →

Halloween has arrived!

           Halloween has arrived in the library. This is always a popular theme. Lots of decorations. A combination of fiction and non fiction books on display throughout, suitable for infant and junior children. An opportunity to promote some of the less well known books.  

Goth Girl!

Goth Girl is very popular in our school library and the girls have been eagerly awaiting the latest adventure. The books are beautiful; I am sure the metallic edges and the beautifully detailed illustrations attract the girls (including me!). Lord Goth is holding a Literary Dog Show so once again an unusual array of characters... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Books, New Librarians!

So excited by the plans I have for the upcoming academic year. Competitions have begun in earnest; Mr Twits beards are coming in to the library already, book pumpkins will be next, followed by our author visit, just to name but a few things. Today I launched a vocabulary 'wordmark'.  The children collect new vocabulary... Continue Reading →

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