The final Goth Girl!

The Goth Girl series of books is extremely popular in our school library, so the excitement of a new release has been palpable! The new book sees Ada Goth solving another spooky mystery with her friends from the 'attic' club, all during a music festival being held at Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Fabulous illustrations as always along... Continue Reading →



It's been a while, which means lots of books read! Seriously my daughter persuaded me to return to my blog as lots of people out their need ideas and help with their library.  As I am preparing currently to deliver a course on 'Reading for Pleasure by Developing Your Library', I thought maybe she might... Continue Reading →

Easter Egg Competition

The latest library competition was a great success with 46 entries. The children were given a polystyrene egg to decorate as a book character.  As always we had some very creative entries which made deciding the winner very difficult. All entries received a goody bag with the winners receiving 2 books, an Easter egg, a... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction Genre

So glad our year 6 children are looking at science fiction genre over the next few weeks. This books is an old favourite of mine, I think it is the first time I read any thing in this genre. The story involves a family whose father experiments with time travel with unsuspected consequences. The family... Continue Reading →

Great Sequel!

Couldn't wait to read this as I enjoyed the first book so much! Mr Lemoncello's Library Olympics, the sequel to Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library, is a real page turner.  There are lots of twists and turns in the plot which are all brought together at the end in a super finale. The characters from... Continue Reading →


Cumbria Library Service annual Primary School book awards, Spellbinding is about to begin. The 10 books on this year's short list have just been delivered to our school, along with the children's reading passports and book cover stickers to collect.  There are books to suit boys and girls with most genres being covered. As I normally... Continue Reading →

New Term, New Competition!

Thought I'd have a focus on non-fiction books but the competition has to be accessible to both infant and junior children.  So I've decided on a 'Where in the World' competition. The children collect a world map from the library which has the continents labelled.  They have to find an interesting or unusual fact about... Continue Reading →

Christmas library competition

Another competition which has proved really popular! Have to choose two winners this week. I have already had over 70 entries all of which have been very different.  Begun to narrow them down and have a selection on the short list.  I'm sure I'll get more entries this week so it's not going to be... Continue Reading →

Christmas Mystery

  I first encountered this book about 10 years ago and have returned to it every Advent since then. It is quite a complex story of a little girl called Elizabet who whilst shopping with her mum goes missing after following a lamb.  The little girl travels back in time 2000 years with many characters... Continue Reading →

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