Treehouse Crazy!!

The 13 Storey Tree House was a welcome addition to our library last year.  It has received a new lease of life due to being one of the ten books on the Cumbria Book Awards, Spellbinding list.

I recently purchased the next two books in the series which have also proved very popular.  The children are chasing each other to the library in order to be the next borrowers; boys and girls alike. Even the children themselves have noticed the series as a new craze!

Both new books continue the adventures in the most exciting tree house you are ever likely to come across.  An extremely imaginative, well illustrated book which will attract fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates.  With a new release due at the beginning of April – the 52 Storey Tree House; the children are already starting a reservation list!


New Book for the Library


This book made me cry and laugh sometimes at the same time!

It is a story of how one boy comes to terms with the loss of his mum without having said goodbye.  Becket, the main character, takes care of his younger brother Billy with such love; I wanted to sit in the armchair and be comforted by the stories!

As Becket makes a small number of friends at a new school, he comes to know that other people are suffering tragedies in their lives also.  Each has their own unique way in which they have come to terms with their loss giving Beckett the courage to face his.

I am sure this will be a welcome addition to our school library.  Having just received the list of 10 books for the Spellbinding, Cumbria Library Service Book Awards, it is sure to be popular.