Love your Library

Have started to prepare the library for Love your Library fortnight. The tree has knitted hearts hanging from it which are embellished with phrases; 'love books' 'love your library' 'love reading'.  These hearts along with some heart shaped lights make a striking display in amongst the book shelves.  Many of the books I have chosen... Continue Reading →


Introducing Sci-fi

UFO Lands in the playground! This incident provided the 'hook' into our writing for the next few weeks. The children were amazed to find an unidentified flying object in the playground when they arrived at school. The object was a piece of volcanic rock surrounded by BBQ coals mixed with green jelly slush.  There was a... Continue Reading →

Reading for Pleasure

New research carried out for The Reading Agency has found the benefits reading for pleasure has on the person and on society as a whole.  Everyone is aware of the role reading for pleasure plays in educational outcomes but the findings of this research indicate the benefits on a person's well being. So by encouraging children... Continue Reading →

Reading Promotion

These badges which promote reading were available to collect in my childhood.  I still had a few in my collection but topped them up with extras bought from ebay.  The children love looking at them and choosing which ones they like the best.  I have also begun rewarding readers with badges but couldn't find a... Continue Reading →

Picture books are for everyone!! Shirley Hughes has picked up a life time achievement award from the Book Trust.  She has written over 200 books all of which are illustrated with beautifully, richly detailed scenes and characters.  It is these illustrations which play such an important role in picture books especially for children as 'they can follow a story... Continue Reading →

Ahoy, me hearties!

More library fun!   Talk Like a Pirate Day. I have started planning activities for our school library for the next academic year and decided on an addition for September.  We always celebrate Roald Dahl day by having a week or fortnight of activity lunches based in the library, this will be the case again this year. ... Continue Reading →

List debate!! Quite a debate blew up on Twitter yesterday around the release of the Times Educational Supplement's List, compiled by teachers; 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school. The list doesn't appear to be in any order and is mixture of picture books and fiction books.  What I found interesting was... Continue Reading →

Library Design, Keep it interesting!

Had a move around in the library; like to keep them on their toes. The fiction books remain in the same place but moved the mobile shelving for some of the non-fiction books to the middle of the room, leaving space for the mini sofa right in the middle of the fiction and non-fiction books... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading!!

The school holiday has arrived at last! My librarians have gone on to high school and it's back to square one training the new ones.  Their first task was to choose an interesting read each for me to take home and read; I insisted on no Diary of a Wimpy Kid as I've read them... Continue Reading →

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