New Releases

Another successful week of new releases here at Librarianstale, the children love giving emoji's to there favourite books!


Aliens Love Underpants – 10 years old!

The latest tea-party held by Librarianstale, was Aliens Love Underpants.  The children enjoyed listening to the original story and also Aliens in Underpants Save the World. After storytime the children were split into smaller groups to complete activities including making a alien craft complete with mini aliens, alien headgear and decorating some fancy pants! The... Continue Reading →

Spooky Library Lunches

Librarianstale is all set for October Library lunches with spooky stories and creepy crafts. A selection of children will be invited to come along to the library on Friday during their lunch hour to listen to some spooky stories while enjoying a drink and cakes, followed by a creepy craft for Halloween. Year 1 and... Continue Reading →

Reading Corners

Librarianstale always encourages each classroom to have a reading corner in their classroom.  This is one such reading corner linked to the topic of World War II.  Also linked to the latest class novel Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll. The children are loving the story and they love their time in the Andersen... Continue Reading →

Looking forward to libraries week

Here at Librarianstale I have started planning for Libraries Week. A week of activities in the library including book quizzes, story-telling, joke telling, comic give away and a book sale. To make the week even more special we've won an event pack including a copy of the new book Luna Loves Library Day which will... Continue Reading →

The final Goth Girl!

The Goth Girl series of books is extremely popular in our school library, so the excitement of a new release has been palpable! The new book sees Ada Goth solving another spooky mystery with her friends from the 'attic' club, all during a music festival being held at Ghastly-Gorm Hall. Fabulous illustrations as always along... Continue Reading →

Raid your Reading!

As a school we have been applying the Talk for Writing scheme during Literacy lessons.  It is working really well in all the classes and it's great to see the children telling stories using the actions they have learned. I love the fact the children have the opportunity to learn so many stories throughout the... Continue Reading →

New book awards, LOL!

Very busy lately - presenting a reading for pleasure course, World Book Day celebrations, chatterbooks group coming to an end, etc, etc. Anyway looking forward to this new book award, The Lollies!  It replaces the Roald Dahl funny book prize which ended in 2013.  There are 12 books to vote for 4 picture books, 4... Continue Reading →

One for the girls!

Another addition to our school library. The rise of the graphic novel is most welcome in our library.  Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc have all played their part in getting children reading and interested in books.  So I was glad to see a new graphic novel aimed at girls.  We have the... Continue Reading →

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