One for the girls!

61Lwrh8cXYL__SX324_BO1,204,203,200_Another addition to our school library.

The rise of the graphic novel is most welcome in our library.  Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc have all played their part in getting children reading and interested in books.  So I was glad to see a new graphic novel aimed at girls.  We have the Dork Diaries series in the library, which is also very popular, but Electrigirl offers a great combination of comic style pages and text; there’s already another one on the way!

A good read which I’m sure the girls will love; maybe a few boys too!!

Treehouse Crazy!!

The 13 Storey Tree House was a welcome addition to our library last year.  It has received a new lease of life due to being one of the ten books on the Cumbria Book Awards, Spellbinding list.

I recently purchased the next two books in the series which have also proved very popular.  The children are chasing each other to the library in order to be the next borrowers; boys and girls alike. Even the children themselves have noticed the series as a new craze!

Both new books continue the adventures in the most exciting tree house you are ever likely to come across.  An extremely imaginative, well illustrated book which will attract fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates.  With a new release due at the beginning of April – the 52 Storey Tree House; the children are already starting a reservation list!


Comic con – Fantastic!

Here are just a few of the tables we had laid out for the children to browse –  Marvel, DC Comics, Phoenix Comics, Star Wars and a Graphic Novel table.

After time browsing the tables the fancy dress was judged by our special guests (from the local Comic Shop). They judged the winners and presented prizes.

The children then had a choice of activities; painting their own face mask, comic hero drawing, comic bookmark and making a comic strip on the laptops.  After the activities the children had light tea and cakes.


On leaving the children were each given a comic and a party bag with lots of treats!

Such a successful event I will definitely be repeating this one!

Comic Con Event

I’ve always had a comic section in the library along with a trolley filled with comics which goes outside at lunchtimes but I’ve noticed lately the increase in Comic Conventions.  As I was looking for ideas for another junior aged library event I thought this would be perfect.

A selection of new comics

A selection of new comics

So, the plans have begun!  I went to visit our local comic shop, after a chat with the owner, I purchased a variety of comic books he recommended.  Explaining to the owner why I was purchasing the comics in such quantities proved to be a great idea.  He, along with a few friends, are willing to come along to our event in costume!  This is more than I could of hoped for and I am sure the children will love it!  Fancy dress competition will now be a must.

I already have the Phoenix Comic book on a weekly subscription for the library and I have purchased a collection of graphic novels of the classics, both of which the children enjoy.  So with a focused event on this genre I am sure we will entice more readers for pleasure!

New book arrived!


I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new publication by Brian Selznick. After the success of the Invention of Hugo Cabret and the excellent Wonderstruck, I was excited to learn a new book, in the same format, was on the way.

It was delivered yesterday afternoon and I finished it last night.  I love the concept of reading part of the story through the excellent pencil drawings; I really get lost in them.  To begin with I fly through them anticipating what will happen, then I return to the drawings and go through them slowly savouring every beautiful detail.


Look at the expression on the faces, including the dog! The boat really does look like it’s being tossed about.

As in the book Wonderstruck, 2 stories are told, one in pictures and one in words; both intertwine to a glorious ending.  The text is as rich in explicit descriptions as the drawings are detailed.  I loved it!

New Year, New Books, New Librarians!

So excited by the plans I have for the upcoming academic year.

Competitions have begun in earnest; Mr Twits beards are coming in to the library already, book pumpkins will be next, followed by our author visit, just to name but a few things.

Today I launched a vocabulary ‘wordmark’.  The children collect new vocabulary from their reading/library books on a bookmark.  When they have found the definition they use the word in their writing.  The teacher passes the best vocabulary ‘wordmarks’, which have been used by the children, to me towards the end of half term.  The chosen ‘wordmarks’ are then put in a prize draw, with the winner announced during praise assembly and a suitable prize given.  There will be a different colour ‘wordmark’ each half term so hopefully it will give children the incentive to build up their vocabulary and make use of it in their writing.

We have so many new books for the library, most of which I have been introducing slowly from the School Library Association’s ; Librarian of the Year award, 2014.   Keeping the prize books back and introducing them 5 to 10 at a time has kept the enthusiasm and interest of the children; they often pop in to check what the new arrivals are and there are still plenty left!

We also have the new releases of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the latest Tom Gates book, both of which are to be released in November.

New librarians all lined up ready to help and keen to impress, they especially like the new badges!

Brian Selznick New Book


I was delighted to find that Brian Selznick has a new book to be released in September; The Marvels.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret was extremely popular with the children even before the release of the film.  It was a class text in year 6 and the writing produced by the children, in response to the illustrations, was exceptional.  I added to the library Wonderstruck, another story written using text and illustrations but with a difference.  This book absolutely captivated me.  It told the story, in words, of a boy in 1977, who has felt lost since the death of his mother. Rose’s story is set in 1927 and is told in pictures, beautiful pictures! The story moves quickly back and forth between the text and illustrations but ultimately intertwines at the end, I loved it.

According to the reviews The Marvels is again one story in pictures, one in words which come together at the end.  I have already pre-ordered my copy and can’t wait to get hold of it!

The 3 books mentioned above come under the graphic novel genre and are suitable for 10+ readers.  Both Hugo and Wonderstruck are popular additions to our library and I am sure The Marvels will be just as popular!