One for the girls!

Another addition to our school library. The rise of the graphic novel is most welcome in our library.  Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc have all played their part in getting children reading and interested in books.  So I was glad to see a new graphic novel aimed at girls.  We have the... Continue Reading →


Comic con – Fantastic!

Here are just a few of the tables we had laid out for the children to browse -  Marvel, DC Comics, Phoenix Comics, Star Wars and a Graphic Novel table. After time browsing the tables the fancy dress was judged by our special guests (from the local Comic Shop). They judged the winners and presented... Continue Reading →

Comic Con Coming Soon!

This Tuesday in fact! Plans all made, favour bags complete, activities prepared. I sent out the letters of interest not really knowing what the level of interest would be.  I needn't have worried. I have only 30 places available but 47 children expressed an interest.  I have now sent out the invitations following drawing names... Continue Reading →

Comic Con Event

I've always had a comic section in the library along with a trolley filled with comics which goes outside at lunchtimes but I've noticed lately the increase in Comic Conventions.  As I was looking for ideas for another junior aged library event I thought this would be perfect. So, the plans have begun!  I went... Continue Reading →

The 13 Storey Treehouse

Written by Andy Griffiths, illustrated by Terry Denton. Just the title of this book is so appealing to many children. After all who wouldn't want to live in a tree house let alone a 13 storey one complete with bowling alley, shark infested tank, library, a marshmallow machine that fills you when you're hungry, to... Continue Reading →

Comic Exchange Wednesdays!

'Comic Exchange Wednesdays' in our school library; I bought second hand comic books and sold them to the children for 10p, they could keep them or read and return the following week.  The children went mad for this despite the fact that many of the comics were older than their parents! The second hand shop where... Continue Reading →

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