Advice for primary school librarians

Creating an effective Primary School library is never easy. And of course, each primary school has entirely different requirements for their school library. However some advice for primary school librarians can be universally applied. At Librarianstale, we are library experts. Here are my top three pieces of advice for primary school librarians:

Keep up to date with the children’s literary world.
As a primary school librarian, you are often the only link that children have to reading and books. Wow them with new releases and make a big deal about new authors, and newly published books. For an effective primary school library, you need to emphasize the recent, relevant, and recommended books
Be enthusiastic.
Books, books and books. To be a successful school librarian you need to LIVE books. And show the children how much you LOVE books. Enthusiasm is a contagious trait and students will soon pick up on your passion and commitment, which in turn will promote their love of reading. Be prepared to talk to children about books, and be interested in their opinions. After all, their feedback should determine how you keep your shelves stocked.
Promote reading for pleasure.
A primary school librarian should always have fun. From planning activities, to ordering new books, always find the fun in any activity. And just like with your enthusiasm, the children will follow suite. Whether you are designing a mad hatters hat, planning a Gruffalo tea party, or filling your online cart with new books, make sure you keep it fun.

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