Library Lunches

Library Lunches are an initiative I set up to promote the library throughout the school and get the children talking about books. So, what happens at a library lunch?

Well, the aim of a library lunch is to get children into the library (for some children, this is a huge achievement in itself) and while there, they can join in with a book or character related art based activity. The idea behind this is that the art based activity is something all of the children can join in with, regardless of their literacy ability.

The structure of a library lunch generally follows:

  • Share a story or a chapter of a novel
  • Have lunch or a snack together – often based on the story shared
  • Create something related to the book that the children can take away with them

These library lunches have been hugely influential in generating and maintaining interest in the school library. As such it is one of our most effective school library strategies.

Children are interested in what the others have created and want to be a part of something fun and different, which in turn encourages them to use the library and see what all the fuss is about.

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