About the library

Here at Sacred Heart School we not only strive to develop a love of reading with our children but we also try to instil a passion for everything literary.  The library plays a significant role in working to achieve this. The library is the heart of our school.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at the end of Book Week

The school library offers children a huge variety of both fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.  All of which are regularly updated with new books.  We use MLS, Junior Librarian computerised system.  A selection of children from year 6 are trained as junior librarians and help to run the library every lunchtime, Monday to Thursday.  Every pupil can borrow books from the library – Infants 1 book per week, Juniors 2 books (fiction and non-fiction) and return them after a week.

One thought on “About the library

  1. Wonderful school and library for children of all ages! It is so important that we adults cultivate a love of reading in our children that will carry them through life. It seems you are doing just that!

    Please take a look at my books – Jemsbooks for all ages! Each book carries an important life lesson for children PS-Grade 3. I just started a middle-grade junior detective series for grades 4-7. I hope your school will get to know my books and love them as many other children have.

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