Cumbria Library Service annual Primary School book awards, Spellbinding is about to begin.

The 10 books on this year’s short list have just been delivered to our school, along with the children’s reading passports and book cover stickers to collect.  There are books to suit boys and girls with most genres being covered.

As I normally join the children in reading the 10 books,  I’m really fortunate to have a head start!  I’ve already read and enjoyed 3 of the books on the shortlist; The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair, The Clockwork Sparrow and The 13 Storey Treehouse.  The children won’t be pleased though as they’re always trying to beat me!

This is our 4th year following the book awards and the children really enjoy it.  It really gives them the opportunity to read a range of texts, some of which they wouldn’t even entertain if they weren’t on the short list.

Hopefully we will see the same enthusiasm we saw last year with children coming to the library and asking if they could take part too!



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