Piers Torday Visit

The excitement about meeting a real author has been building slowly over the past week or so, leading up to the author visit.

The children weren’t disappointed. Piers Torday was brilliant!!

He began with a really accessible assembly, for all juniors, to explain how he came to writing, including inspiration from Roald Dahl.  But the main point that came across, which was great for our children, was it’s their story and it doesn’t matter what other people think is right or wrong they need to write for firstly for themselves.  All the children were engaged and fed back to teachers with enthusiasm.

After the assembly the children from year 5 followed by year 6 took part in a writing workshop.  This was inspiring! After an introduction about animal characters in books, the children were all involved in coming up with an animal character and one word, any word, to describe that character.  They were then asked to think of a place again with one word to describe it.  Finally they were asked to write one line of dialogue which revealed something about the character.  Piers collected each group of children’s ideas, writing them on a flip chart.  When he had collected all ideas he then began to tell a story using every single character, description, setting and dialogue.  The children (and teaching staff) were amazed, it was very impressive!

After the second writing workshop in the afternoon, Piers, very kindly, not just signed the books but personalised them for each child, depending on which genre they enjoyed the most; the children were thrilled by this, with cartoon drawings of dragons, princesses even a super baby!

It was a super visit, which has brought a real buzz about books, well worth it and highly recommended!


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