‘The Borrowers’

Our two book groups are now well underway for this academic year, with both groups finishing their first book.

Book group takes place on a Thursday after school from 3.30 until 4.15pm; we begin with hot chocolate, marshmallows and whipped cream along with a biscuit. Then the discussion begins.

‘The Borrowers’ book group have been reading ‘The Last Wild’, which is the first book in the series by Piers Torday.  They have been really excited to read this book as the author is coming to visit our school very shortly.  After completing the first book they were given the option to read the second in the series ‘The Dark Wild’, which they were all eager to do.

As a result of this group of children reading the first book and having it with them in class, around school etc, it has created interest and enthusiasm from other children. The author visit has been advertised within the school but the children have provided extra promotion as they are able to talk about the story to those who are interested.  The copies of ‘The Last Wild’, from the book group, then entered our library system and all 6 copies were immediately checked out.

‘The Borrowers’ were delighted to be our latest reading ambassadors; promoting a book written by an author they are going to actually meet!

wild 1


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