New Year, New Books, New Librarians!

So excited by the plans I have for the upcoming academic year.

Competitions have begun in earnest; Mr Twits beards are coming in to the library already, book pumpkins will be next, followed by our author visit, just to name but a few things.

Today I launched a vocabulary ‘wordmark’.  The children collect new vocabulary from their reading/library books on a bookmark.  When they have found the definition they use the word in their writing.  The teacher passes the best vocabulary ‘wordmarks’, which have been used by the children, to me towards the end of half term.  The chosen ‘wordmarks’ are then put in a prize draw, with the winner announced during praise assembly and a suitable prize given.  There will be a different colour ‘wordmark’ each half term so hopefully it will give children the incentive to build up their vocabulary and make use of it in their writing.

We have so many new books for the library, most of which I have been introducing slowly from the School Library Association’s ; Librarian of the Year award, 2014.   Keeping the prize books back and introducing them 5 to 10 at a time has kept the enthusiasm and interest of the children; they often pop in to check what the new arrivals are and there are still plenty left!

We also have the new releases of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the latest Tom Gates book, both of which are to be released in November.

New librarians all lined up ready to help and keen to impress, they especially like the new badges!


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