Library Lunches

Timetable now complete for the first half term’s Library Lunches.

These lunches happen on a Friday lunchtime from 12.20 until 1pm.  The children are given a personal invitation to attend.  They are chosen randomly for the first term, unless the teacher has requested they attend, otherwise I would use the library management system to look for those who are infrequent borrowers.  They attend in mixed groups of 12 usually 6 children from each class; Years 1 and 2 together, Years 3 and 4, Years 5 and 6 with Reception coming on their own.  I keep a register so that I can make sure every child has attended over the academic year.

The general idea is that the children come to the library for a story followed by a craft activity based on the story, while enjoying a snack and drink. An example of an activity would be Reception lunch entitled Interesting Insects where I share with the children some non-fiction books and fiction books about insects.  They then listen to a story followed by decorating a soft foam butterfly with sequin etc to take home.  A junior activity from the past was Comic Hero where the children looked at a variety of comics, old and new, then using the laptops and a marvel website they created their own comic strip page, which they printed and were able to take home.

Some of the forthcoming Library Lunches include; Speed Reading for Year 5 and 6 children, Genre Quiz for Year 3 and 4, Picture Book Picnic for Reception, to name just a few.

The Library Lunches have been a popular weekly event in the library for the past 3 years now and add to the promotion of reading for pleasure.


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