Pass the Book!!

Just preparing things for the new school term.  From the library I run a ‘Pass the Book’ scheme, where the children in upper key stage 2 ‘find’ a pass the book pack, read it then pass it on – they have the opportunity to write a brief comment as I place the book and a small notebook inside a small plastic wallet.

Needed some different books which the children haven’t come across, decided on The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler, Because of Win Dixie and My Brother’s Ghost.


I choose books which maybe not have been borrowed for a while but make sure they are good copies to add to the appeal.  The children think it is something special and only a few do not read the book before passing it on.  It has proved very popular with past year groups with 5 books being circulated over the last school year, this was in addition to their library borrowing and school reading.

It is really easy to administer, a few reminders to begin with to make sure the book is being passed on is all it takes.  It means the children are introduced to authors they may not have come across before, as well as boosting borrowing!


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