Auggie and Me


I am so glad that they have published these 3 stories in one book; only previously available on e-book.

Wonder, by R J Palacio, is the story of Auggie.  A boy born with a facial disfigurement who has been home schooled and is now about to begin high school.  The story has become one of my favourites from first reading it in 2014.  I am always recommending it to adults and children alike; I defy anyone to not be touched by it!

The 3 stories, which come together as one in this book,  are told by characters we first meet in the Wonder book; Julian, the class bully, Christopher, Auggie’s oldest friend and Charlotte, friend and classmate.  Each story deals with the ways in which Auggie touches their lives and I for one was so glad to delve deeper into the characters lives.

It is available in hardback now and is available in paperback from 27th August 2015.

I have copies of each of the books on Kindle in our school library but I will definitely be buying a copy of this too.  The children will be so glad, as I have already promoted the stories.


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