New Display Letters

3D free standing letters now complete and ready for display in my library.


Bought the cardboard letters then printed off a variety of book covers.

IMG_20150811_070903 R is covered in picture book covers.

IMG_20150811_070914 E is covered in a variety of popular fiction books.

IMG_20150811_070928 A is covered in comic pages, covers and First News, children’s newspaper.

IMG_20150811_070959 D is covered in jackets from non-fiction books.

After cutting out and gluing the book covers to the letters, I coated each one with PVA glue just to give them a hard, shiny coating that will hopefully help them last a little longer.

I think they will be a great addition to the library and look very effective.


2 thoughts on “New Display Letters

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  1. I spy another idea I’m going to steal 😉 This reminds me of the display piece I did for the poem ‘War Photographer.’ I covered an A2 piece of card with newspaper clippings; stuck the poem on top; added some ‘war’ words from headlines and the final touch was a spool of camera film. Probably my favourite display to date and one of the most fun to do. Where did you get the letters from BTW?

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