Lifelong Readers

=There is so much more to reading than just picking up a book.  If children don’t enjoy reading when they are younger are they ever going to enjoy it?

A few authors I have met admit the fact they didn’t like reading when they were younger yet have come to love books and reading and are accomplished authors. It is often one book/story which has ‘got them hooked’.

Children, no matter what age, should be immersed in books.  If they are not picking up a love of books at home then it is up to us as educators to help them come to love stories.  There are so many simple things which can be done starting with enthusiasm.  Children are much more responsive and curious if they know they can have a conversation about their choices and preferences.

The link below offers some ideas of how educators can help children come to be lifelong readers;

In my library I dedicate a whole wall to staff reading.  It is entitled ‘The Power of Reading’ and has a laminated open book for each member of staff, on which their name is displayed along with their latest reads. This is great way to show the children how important reading is and they often ask members of staff if the book hasn’t changed.  I usually ask for an updated reading title each half term.


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