Exposure to Literature

It is a well known fact that exposure to good literature from an early age increases a child’s ability to achieve.  With recent surveys implying that less and less children actually own a book it is so important for schools to fill that missing void.

We are very fortunate to have a dedicated school library, as I know that many schools don’t have this luxury.  But the library isn’t just one room of books.  It is so important for the library to be seen as central to the school.  What goes on in the library needs to permeate throughout the school.  To accomplish this in our school every classroom has a reading corner.  A clearly defined area which offers comfy seating and a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Along with this, close to the reading corner, there is a ‘Book Board’ where the current class read is displayed along with work completed around the text, as the story progresses.

These reading corners allow children to be exposed to literature on a daily basis.  A variety of books being freely available allows for children to discuss choices and opinions around books.  The Book Boards give books a prominence throughout the school.

Book Board in Year 5
Book Board in Year 5

This is an example of my Book Board in year 5.  The class novel was Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis.  This shows the display when we were about three quarters of the way through the book.  The sections include; We are reading, which shows the book, other books by the author, information about the author, useful websites.  Our predictions, we made predictions before reading, during reading and any questions we had about the text.  Role on the Wall allows the children to explore the main characters in more depth; we completed thought clouds and feelings butterflies.  The last section was about ospreys including the children’s own fact leaflets about Ospreys.

Together with the reading corners, book boards show the value we place on reading and books in our school, something we strive to pass on to our pupils.


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