Picture books are for everyone!!


Shirley Hughes has picked up a life time achievement award from the Book Trust.  She has written over 200 books all of which are illustrated with beautifully, richly detailed scenes and characters.  It is these illustrations which play such an important role in picture books especially for children as ‘they can follow a story visually long before they can read.’

I have purchased some new picture books for our library, all are beautifully illustrated and appealing because of the rhythm and rhyme throughout the stories. All are perfect to be read aloud again and again.

As well as the illustrations the rhythm and rhyme or repeated phrases help children to join in with the story before being able to read the words.  All of which help children to see themselves as a reader.

New picture books for the library.

It is self evident in our library how relevant pictures are to stories with the popularity of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates series of books being ever popular with the junior children.  Every new publication of these books is eagerly awaited and they frequently take up more than one place in the top ten books read.

In my opinion any books which attract children and make them not only WANT to read but return to read are worth their weight in gold, as they are helping to develop a life long love of reading!


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