List debate!!

Quite a debate blew up on Twitter yesterday around the release of the Times Educational Supplement’s List, compiled by teachers; 100 fiction books all children should read before leaving primary school.

The list doesn’t appear to be in any order and is mixture of picture books and fiction books.  What I found interesting was the amount of ‘classics’ on the list.  My question is are they on the list because they’re considered classics or are they books a teacher remembers from their youth?

The truth is that many teachers are not up to date with children’s literature and as it is a fast growing market it’s no wonder.  How many primary schools actually subscribe to publications like ‘Books for Keeps’ or ‘Carousel’?  These publications keep you up to date with the latest releases from picture books up to YA books.  Surely this strengthens the debate for the need of libraries and librarians in schools.  They make it their job to keep up to date with what’s hot and what’s not.

So many superb fiction books for primary age children aren’t on the list; another list of 100 books which were omitted could be started. Even better a list by school or young people’s librarians could be compiled. I am sure there would be some crossovers but I am also sure there would be more up to date authors/books on the list too!

Check out this list compiled by experienced librarian:


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