Library Design, Keep it interesting!


Had a move around in the library; like to keep them on their toes.

The fiction books remain in the same place but moved the mobile shelving for some of the non-fiction books to the middle of the room, leaving space for the mini sofa right in the middle of the fiction and non-fiction books ~ much more cosy!

A new infant book trolley, which is extra large size, means there is much more space for children to browse through the books they wish to select from.  It also allows me to put the books into categories; not just authors but also genres.  This trolley along with the kinder box and ‘Blurb’ our book returns box placed between the two means the library is much more user friendly for the infants.

The mobile shelving allows the area to be cleared for library events or class work as it can be pushed to one side. I have also added a collection of games to the library; Gruffalo dominoes and board game, Junior Scrabble, Tell Me a Story, Boggle to name just a few.  First News, Phoenix Comic and WRD Books have their own place in the ‘hanging frog’, I supplement these publications with Match, Beano etc. and these are all available to read in the library.

The new books display shelving offers forward facing shelves which I decorate and display new additions to the library.  This is always popular as children love to be the first one to read a new book.

I always leave the centre shelving of the fiction section free for display.  This changes at least every half term, sometimes 4 weekly, and is a great way to catch the children’s attention. You can see from the display pictures some of the themes I’ve used in the past.   As well as this display shelving I have two more boards; librarian display which stays up all year and one other which changes regularly.

The room I have for the library is only a small area but it is central to the school and is a hive of activity.  As the saying goes ‘good things come in small packages’.


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  1. Your library looks so vibrant! I’d love to have mobile shelving, ours aren’t even real library shelves, they’re designed to hold files and are so dark and heavy. I have stolen your idea of keeping shelves aside for display and, before the holiday, I put up an autumn display in them. I’d love to post a picture but school don’t like any pictures being put on social media so you’ll have to use your imagination!

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