Summer Reading!!

The school holiday has arrived at last!

My librarians have gone on to high school and it’s back to square one training the new ones.  Their first task was to choose an interesting read each for me to take home and read; I insisted on no Diary of a Wimpy Kid as I’ve read them all.  What an eclectic mix I have with just the first four out of the bag.

Only You Can Save Mankind – Terry Pratchett

The Boy in the Tower – Polly Ho-Yen

Framed – Frank Cottrell Boyce

Mountwood School for Ghosts – Toby Ibbotson

I am very tempted to look in the bag at the next four but I promised I would delve into the bag and blog about the first four and the next four.

Haven’t read any Terry Pratchett for a number of years and the character in this book is new to me, so looking forward to that one.  The Boy in the Tower is a newish release, we’ll see if I agree with the rave reviews.  Frank Cottrell Boyce books are usually down to earth and this one sounds like it’s going to be really funny too.  Toby Ibbotson got the idea for this book from his late mother, let’s see if it’s as good as The Secrets of Platform 13.

As I said, a varied mix, can’t wait to get started!


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