Tiger Tea Party

I have just taken delivery of a very large parcel for the school library, not full of books for a change.  No this parcel was full of party ware with a tiger theme – The Tiger Who Came to Tea theme to be exact.  There are cups, plates, party hats, balloons, even activity sheets and even better it was all free.


I was interested to see how popular the book was so looked up the number of issues over the past academic year.  I was pleasantly surprised as it had 32 issues, which is nearly one per week. Our reception class do cover the book as part of their literacy but not until the spring term so it obviously still appeals to children from an early age.

It is 47 years since the book was published, delighting generations of children and has never been out of print.  This made me think, is there a list of picture book classics?  If not what would be the criteria for getting on the list – longevity, story, illustrations?  I can’t think of many picture books from my childhood but now there are so many good quality books it would be difficult to choose just 10.  I’m going to do some research to find out if such a list exists.

The illustrations in this book have always been well loved and perhaps the longevity of this book is due to previous generations memory of it rather than the story, which I have always found a little odd.

Anyway it is a book which is still well loved and instantly recognised by children and adults alike so I will be using the tiger themed party ware for a Tiger Who Came to Tea, Tea Party in the Autumn term.  After the success of our previous parties I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun!


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