The Librarian, never boring!

I came across this blog and was so glad to hear librarians’ work being praised.  I am unsure why the image of the librarian who guards the books fiercely and is forever shushing people is still thought of as relevant today.  Maybe it is because the people with that image haven’t stepped into a public library let alone a school library in many years.

It is so true that many children have no reading role models at home therefore see no point in reading.  Many school librarians, like myself, put their heart and sole into helping children choose the right reading material; whether it’s comics, magazines, fiction or non-fiction books.  It’s finding the hook that’s important not the material.

Those who think libraries are boring places where not much happens should come and visit a library like mine.  It’s bright and colourful and there is always something going on.  We have competitions, games, reading challenges, tea parties, library lunches, the list is never ending but that is because I want to pass on my love of books to the children and I am always searching for new ideas.  It’s never, ever boring!!


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