Author Visits

We were very fortunate, last year, to be able to bid for and win a visit from an author from The National Literacy Trust.

The author Josh Lacey came for a morning’s visit to our school.  Josh has written a variety of books for a range of ages; The Dragonsitter (6+), GRK (8+) Island of Thieves, Sultan’s Tiger (9+).  This meant he could accommodate both infants and juniors with 2 age related assemblies, followed by a book signing. Both of which were a huge success.

The impact of this visit was amazing.  Parents were coming into school to tell us that their children were reading their signed copy of Josh’s books instead of Xbox or Playstations. We had many children in the upper juniors aspiring to be writers, which is so encouraging.  Even now, 8 months on, the books are still popular loans from the school library and children still refer to the visit.

I am happy to say that we have now booked a second author visit who will come to our school in the Autumn Term.  I haven’t told the children yet but intend to buy some more copies of the books by the author and give them out as summer reading.

I am so excited about the visit.  We live in a small, difficult to reach, working class town and it is so important for our children to have as many life experiences as possible to ensure they have something to aspire to.  We are very lucky as our Senior Management Team do recognise that some of our children lack life experiences so are eager to ensure we provide as many as possible.  The attending author is holding an assembly followed by 2 writing workshops and a book signing.  I am sure this visit will have a greater impact on the children as they actually get to work/write with an author.  Who knows we may inspire some future writers.


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  1. I agree, it’s so important for pupils to meet real live authors. We had Tommy Donbavand come in this year and he was unbelievably good. He was passionate and hilarious and our stock of his books disappeared within five minutes. I don’t know who we’ll get next year but they will have a tough act to follow.

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