Summer Reading Challenge


As the summer reading challenge is all set to begin next week I thought if was time to promote it in our school library; this year’s theme is Record Breakers.

Found an ideal area, displayed the posters, added a few Guinness World Record Books and it’s already attracting interest.  On arriving home from work a great addition to the display and the library had arrived.


Thought this might turn a few heads, as we have a lot of Henry fans in both the infants and junior classes.

The Summer Reading Challenge is a fantastic event.  It’s a great way to get children to visit the local library and keep up with their reading over the long summer holiday.  They read 6 books, of their choice, collecting stickers and rewards along the way;there’s a website with activities and competitions, as well as local libraries holding events to coincide with the theme. When it’s all over there’s a  certificate to collect for their achievements.

We also reward the children who have taken part over the summer when they return to school.


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  1. its great that your school follows up after the event rather than simply promoting it before hand as the children really know they did something worthwhile over the summer if their school supports them in return. Horrid Henry’s world records will be a brilliant addition, I bet it gets lots of interest!!

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