Comic Exchange Wednesdays!

‘Comic Exchange Wednesdays’ in our school library; I bought second hand comic books and sold them to the children for 10p, they could keep them or read and return the following week.  The children went mad for this despite the fact that many of the comics were older than their parents!

The second hand shop where I bought the comics has now run out, temporarily, I’m glad to say. A great disappointment for the children but we have now subscribed to ‘The Phoenix’ children’s comic for over a year therefore have over 50 back copies which I intend to sell during Children’s Book Week.

The Beano is still a favourite in our school setting but The Phoenix has quite a following building up now, with children loitering outside the library in anticipation of it’s weekly arrival.


Some people have been known to ‘tut-tut’ at comics as real reading material but what does it matter.  Comics tell a story just as novels do.  You could argue that comics make you use your imagination more fully because you can invent a whole narrative for the illustrations in the background. But, just as with books, if a child can relate to the character, imagine themselves as that character, want to be that character then surely this will make them want to return to read more!

As librarians, teachers, parents what more could we want!


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