Forbidden Library Series – The Mad Apprentice

mad apprentice

Having read the first book in the series I was eager to read about the continuing adventures of Alice.

In the first book, The Forbidden Library, we learned how Alice was a Reader; able to read herself into stories.  She has continued her training under her uncle, Geryon’s, watchful eye, after the disappearance of her father.

Alice, along with another 5 Readers, are sent on a journey to find a Reader apprentice who seems to have gone mad.  Each of the apprentices has a skill, which they obtained from books that they tamed but they soon learn that it is Torment, the master of this library, who has gone mad.  Will they have the skill to out wit the master?

This book reminded me of a Jason and the Argonauts type film.  It was extremely fast paced with statues coming to life, things lurking in the shadows and strange creatures.  It was interesting to learn more about Ending and the Dragon; giving us clues to their future role in the story.  I am eager to see how the story develops.

I have more than a dozen readers, aged 9-11, in my library who have enjoyed the first book in the series so I am sure they will be delighted to see the 2nd book as a new addition to our library!


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