Never too early to start!


Super blog observing how a mum can have a positive impact on their children’s reading habits; it’s never too early to start!

It is, sadly, all too true that many children are not read to at all, let alone own a book!  This is such a shame because not only do many children arrive at school not having owned a book but some have never visited a library.  There is so much local libraries have to offer and it is usually free; our local libraries offer events during school holidays too.  As a school librarian I always try to ensure all classes visit the local library once a year and I always promote the summer reading challenges run by the library service.

When my daughter was 18 month old I joined her in the local library and visiting the library became a weekly trip.  Of course I influenced her choices whilst she was very young but she quickly began choosing books herself.  Here her love of books began and I must say it was these visits which rejuvenated my love of books.

It is a skill, reading aloud, I used to hate being chosen to read at secondary school but didn’t let this hinder sharing my passion for books with children. Now I get so much enjoyment from reading aloud to children simply because of their responses and them begging you not to stop when time runs out!


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