Dive into Books

Following the success of our upper juniors shadowing the Cumbria Books Awards(Spellbinding), run by Cumbria Schools Library Services, the Infant classes were invited to ‘Dive Into Books’. A sea themed Summer Reading Challenge.

Both of these initiatives offer children the chance to read books which they may not normally read, collecting stickers to complete their reading passports.  The children don’t have to complete a set amount of books they are just encouraged to read as many as possible.  They are then given the opportunity to vote for their favourites.  The votes are added to those from other participating schools and the winner announced.

This is the second year the infants have been involved in the challenge and again it has created a buzz in the library with children wanting to collect the different stickers and complete the sea shaped review sheets~all of which are free.  If you want to be involved in the vote you can buy copies of the books at a discounted price otherwise you could devise your own list.

To promote the reading challenge with the infants I decorated the library with the themed books from the initiative as well as others which fit the theme. This week the infant children will be coming to the library in small groups to vote for their favourite book.

The children have to choose a winner from the following list:-

Twinkle, Twinkle, Squiglet Pig     Joyce Dunbar

The Pelican Who Couldn’t            Neil Griffiths

 My Little Book of Sharks             Camilla de le Bédoyère

The Fish Who Could Wish           John Bush & Korky Paul

Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary            Simon Bartram

More, More, More!                       Dawn Casey

Dolphins                                       Penelope Arlon

See What a Seal Can Do            Chris Butterworth

My Little Book of Ocean Life       Camilla de le Bédoyère

The Shark in the Dark                 Peter Bently

Turtle                                           Louise Spilsbury

Snail and the Whale                       Julia Donaldson

More details available from:-



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