Glad to be back!

My return to the library, after recuperating from a major operation, has been emotional to say the least.  Being away for 3 months has been difficult although my colleagues, Lynn and Marzena, have kept the junior librarians going.  You may ask why it’s been difficult, well that’s because I have missed the children’s responses to my competitions, book choices, displays etc.  They really do notice what’s going on. Besides all that I am passionate about my job and I think it’s important children see someone with that passion. In just a short space of time children were coming and telling me what they were reading, asking what I’d been reading and asking for recommendations. Made my heart swell!

Anyway I’ve had chance to search for new ideas which I will be bringing to the library very soon.  I’m pleased to say Library Lunches will be returning and I’m already in the process of arranging another after school event.  Lots of things to celebrate this year including 150 years of Alice in Wonderland, 65 years of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (one of my all time favourites) to name just a few.

I was interested to find out what the children had been borrowing whilst I was away so searched our system to find out what the top ten was.  Here goes;

1st      R.L.Stine   (this amazed me, nearly got rid of these books from the library)

2nd     Roald Dahl  (never out of the top ten)

3rd      Francesca Simon (always popular)

4th      Michael Morpurgo (again usually in the top ten)

5th      Jacqueline Wilson (nice to see her back in the top ten after an absence for a while)

6th      Vera Southgate (author of the Ladybird Traditional Tales books – extremely popular with the Infants)

7th      Dick-King Smith (not surprising as year 3 have focused on this author)

8th      Terry Deary (Horrible Histories still popular)

9th      Julia Donaldson (always somewhere in the top ten)

10th     Enid Blyton (wonderful surprise for me, I loved the Famous 5 and as we’ve just had a full set of these donated in brand new condition it’s not surprising that she’s in the top ten – the power of NEW books!)

Really surprised, I think it’s the first time in over a year that Jeff Kinney and Liz Pichon haven’t been in the top 5 never mind the top 10.  Just shows you can’t predict what will be popular and never underestimate the value of peer pressure. The year 4 children are daring each other to read the Goosebump books (R.L. Stine) hence the position in the list!


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