Hello Book and Library Lovers!

My very first blog, arggggggggggh!!

What is my aim?  To share my experiences, highs and lows, of being a School Librarian.

I run a very busy library along with my junior librarians.

I feel that the library environment needs to be vibrant, child friendly and fresh; therefore themed displays with linked competitions are a main feature.  The themed displays can help to promote less popular authors as well as unfamiliar non-fiction text.  Competitions are held twice termly and all the children are invited to enter.  The competitions have a theme with prizes given to all entrants and larger prizes given to the winners.  Competitions held so far have included Travel the World (non-fiction based), Come Dine with Me (design a menu for your favourite book character), a Poetry writing competition and making a witch or wizards hat.  A particularly popular competition was to ‘make your own monster’ with 8 children, from across the key stages, winning a trip to the cinema to see Monsters University; which they all thoroughly enjoyed.  To coincide with the release of ‘Paddington the movie’ and the ‘Paddington Trail’ in London the children were invited to design their own Paddington – the standard was so high 14 children were taken to the cinema, as prize winners, to watch the movie.

I will be sharing pictures of my displays, ideas, successful events etc.

Let’s help every child find a passion for reading!


6 thoughts on “Hello Book and Library Lovers!

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  1. Hi there, I love the sound of all the competitions you do. I’m a secondary school librarian but I’ll be really interested in reading your ideas, I’m sure they’d work with our Year 7s. I already love the idea of Come Dine With Me!


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